reorientation series

a quartet of albums

        reorientation: 1 - classical guitar (June 2018)


        reorientation: 2 - electric guitar (December 2018)

        reorientation: 3 - piano

        reorientation: 4 - organ



This is a series of four albums which act as a means to search out things which I have lost since I first began studying music when I was eight.

Prior to 2015, my motivations for making music were significantly different than they are now–coinciding with a shift in my political and existential purpose.


My older work–which still exists in recordings, subtle performing tendencies, and fading memories–are re-purposed.

Each recording will feature a different instrument which I have done extensive performing work on. Each recording is dedicated to a member of my family.

Available on Bandcamp.

photos by: Jack Langdon