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driftless, 1

for flute, bass clarinet, and cello

duration: 14 min.

The Harvest Manual

for 1/6-tone harmonium

duration: 15 min.

on a clear day

for violin and piano

duration: 6 min.

neon moon

for bass flute, soprano saxophone, accordion, piano, violin, and cello

duration: 12 min.

what form will the spirit take

for baritone electric guitar, bass clarinet, violin, and double bass

duration: 20 min.


williamstown nocturne

for organ and ensemble

duration: 40 min.

premiered at I/O Festival at Williams College

golden ending

for mezzo-soprano and mixed quartet

duration: 12 min.

burnt canvas

for piano trio

duration: 20 min.


the eternal feeling

for flute, clarinet, percussion, violin, cello, piano, mono fixed media

duration: 22 min.

performed by Composers Conference Ensemble, conducted by Nicholas Demaison

The Departure of Time

for solo piano

duration: 45 min.

performed by Jack Yarbrough


it's all real

for two piano, two percussion

duration: 8 min.

performed by Yarn/Wire



guitar book 2: unreachable windows

for tabletop guitar, fixed media, and film

duration: 21 min.

performed by Jack Langdon



for viola and stereo fixed media

duration: 10 min.

performed by Sebastian Stefanovic


something is happening

for flute, piano, electric guitar, and cello

duration: 10 min.

performed by Ensemble Dal Niente


dissolved through the fields

for tenor saxophone, cello, and accordion

duration: 7 min.

performed by Trio SÆITENWIND


endless light

for kinetic sound objects, fixed media, and live electronics

duration: 21 min.

performed by Jack Langdon, advised by Jules Gimbrone


clavier-übung 1: prelude and fugue

for solo piano and fixed media

duration: 21 min.

performed by Jonathan Hannau



for organ and stereo fixed media

duration: 26 min.

performed by Graeme Shields


here (5): a hyperdocumentation

for solo flute and fixed media

duration: 9 min.

performed and created collaboratively with Sara Constant


here (7): land images, one

for ensemble and field recordings

duration: var.

performed and assembled by Southland Ensemble

The Problem of The Surface

for double bass, piano, and stereo fixed media

duration: 13 min.

performed by Micah Stoddard and Jack Langdon


here (4): a poetics of art labor

improvised multimedia opera at MISE-EN_PLACE Bushwick

duration: 96 min.

performed and created by Jack Langdon, Cosi Pori, Gabriel Coleman, and Yoshi Weinberg



here (3): sound images of the worker, part one

for electric guitar, electric bass, organ, and fixed media

duration: 12 min.

performed by Jack Langdon, Adam Lee Sanders, and Graeme Shields


what do i do now (self-portrait)

for two amplified vocalists, ensemble, and fixed audio/video

duration: 17 min.

performed by RenegadeEnsemble


yeah uh hmm

for 8 performers

duration: 9 min.

performed by St. Olaf Percussion Ensemble




for two trumpets, amplified objects, and celeste

duration: 9 min.

performed by Steven Garcia, Tristan Frank, Jamie Koffler, and Jack Langdon


the end of saro

a chamber opera

duration: 48 min.

libretto by Vashti Kalvi Daniel, choreography by Harper Foote



for large wind ensemble

duration: 11 min.

performed by The St. Olaf Band, directed by Timothy Mahr




for cello, trombone, and live electronics

duration: 12 min.

performed by Willem Mudde, Adam Lee Sanders, and Jack Langdon


The Serenity Prayer

for choir

duration: 3 min.

performed by KC VITAs Chamber Choir



for string quartet

duration: 5 min.

performed by Mivos Quartet



for flute and piano

duration: 13 min.

performed by Yoshi Weinberg and Michael Betz



for organ and electronics

duration: 16 min.

performed by Jack Langdon



light within

for organ

duration: 6 min.

performed by James Bobb



eau claire

for piano trio

duration: 4 min.

performed by Claire Belisle, Sam Vigeurie, and Guanlu Guan


please reach out if you are interested in procuring a score of mine


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