dissolved through the fields

for tenor saxophone, cello, and accordion

performed by: Trio SÆITENWIND
jonas tschanz, tenor saxophone
karolina öhman, cello
olivia steimel, accordion
premiere: 7/7/20, remusik.org 2020 composition course and the 7th St. Petersburg New Music Festival


dissolved through the fields for Trio SÆITENWIND was written during the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic while quarantined in Chicago. The inspiration for this short work comes from an oblique reference to a wildlife area near my childhood home in Leeds, Wisconsin. The sound material utilized is brittle and delicate, with expanses of stasis interspersed by moments of nostalgic warmth and movement. This work is, in a way, temporally incomplete, like a complete canvas which has been divided to a particular, isolated segment. The formal relationships between disparate material is loose and abstract, with only shadows of similarity unifying gestures across time. The pace of musical development is glacial, with moments of punctuated equilibrium facilitating the emergence of new textures.