here (3): sound images of the worker, part one

for electric guitar, electric bass, organ, and fixed media

performed by: Jack Langdon (e. gtr), Adam Lee Sanders (e. bass), and Vital Organ Project

premiere: October 14-17, 2018, Greenlight New Music Festival, Duluth, MN

This is the third work in a series which explores the ways in which sound and space are shaped by each other—in this case, bringing the recorded
spaces of working class life through the fixed media into the resonant and contemplative space which pipe organs typically exist. The aesthetic
difference posed by the contrasting field recordings with the pipe organ are mediated by the presence of the electric guitar and bass—instruments
whose relationship to popular music further augments and complicates the work. This piece takes its poetic origins from the multifarious,
contradictory experiences of being a worker in the 21st century—utilizing repetition, stagnation, sudden gestures, harsh noise, and gentle
sonorities to create a prosaic beauty of proletarian expression.