here (5): a hyperdocumentation

for flute and fixed media

Premiere: Sara Constant at Western Michigan University for SPLICE Institute, June 28, 2019

This piece is largely built upon various field recordings that Sara and I took with the goal of representing public and private spaces which we frequent on a regular basis. I have always cherished photography (and more recently field recording) as a means of documenting valuable times and places—with the hope that it will assist me in recalling and more deeply appreciating them after the fact. However, these never tend to satisfy their intention—rather appearing as something that is at once less and more real than the initial experience that I am attempting to save. I cherish the distanced perspective to reflect, but miss the quality of the initial experience—regardless of its significance. Creating a musical work with this underlying dynamic present allows for an interesting condition: the ability to aesthetically appreciate this echo of reality while contributing a new structure to engage the subjective factors of this perhaps distant memory. In this instance of composition and performance, we find new angles to engage with the distance of this initial act of documentation.