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Jack Langdon - Earthbound Fiction

"Earthbound Fiction" is an album of solo organ music performed on a single-manual miniature pipe organ built in rural Connecticut during the early 1970's. This collection of four tracks instigates the disintegration of typical organ tone and protestant harmony through an expanded palette of performance techniques and altered tuning systems. Drifting gestures of aimless navigation, yearning afterimages of melody, and subtle focus on sonic imperfections coalesce as an alternate thesis of the organ's potential place in spiritual musics.

This recording was made on January 10, 2022 in Hanover, New Hampshire. 



I: woven circumstance (5:49)

II: bent water (5:27)

III: wake up (9:03)

IV: inescapable faith (26:31)


Jack Langdon (b.1994, Keyeser, Wisconsin) is a musician, video artist, and writer based in Vermont.

Jack creates work that disintegrates commonplace sounds, images, and narratives—reassembling them in strange constructions. His music is gentle and expansive, drawing inspiration from the landscape and folk modernisms of the American Midwest.

Jack is an organist, whose approach to performance investigates the idiomatic qualities of individual organs—utilizing static textures, extended techniques, and electroacoustic augmentations. Jack is a proponent of contemporary organ music and regularly creates new work in collaboration with other performers and composers.

Jack is a member of the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians.

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