for two pianos and fixed a/v

UPCOMING: summer 2019

premiere: Elastic Arts, Chicago, IL

This piece will take the Brechtian maxim “Art is not a mirror held up to reality but a hammer with which to shape it” as the conceptual starting point.

The work attempts to increase and transcend the level of perceptual and social mediation, beginning from the context of a proper piano recital, moving eventually into collective material action. Mirror utilizes concert, film, installation, and workshop formats to gradually move from the rarefied, autonomous concert performance to the transparently social, heteronomous workshop format.

This work will take place at Elastic Arts in Logan Square, Chicago, and will attempt to act idiomatically to the socioeconomic situation of this place in this neighborhood. The work will be devised collaboratively with Langdon and Mark Mahoney, and will document the people who maintain and administrate this art space.