for organ and fixed media

Premiere: Graeme Shields at Second Reformed Church, Kalamazoo, MI, Aug. 2, 2019


This work spans 25 minutes and is split into five sections, each referencing the title of some of the Lutheran hymns which are included in Bach's original collection. Despite this, it is not of my interest to pay overt homage to Bach, nor was it my interest to “update” these historical materials into some contemporary aesthetic context—but is an attempt to arrange some sound artifacts in an interesting, puzzling way. It is my hope that through the material’s internal tension and difference, they compel a listener to operate these fragments in a manner where a new subjective logic of the piece arises. I often use certain sonic iconography that is interrelated to my other works, and this is especially true of this piece. There is a puzzle that I am assembling to eventually create something that has these relationships to a larger world—perhaps existing yet-unformed somewhere exterior to my work.