something is happening

for flute, piano, electric guitar, and cello

performed by Ensemble Dal Niente
flutes: Constance Volk
piano: Mable Kwan
guitar: Jesse Langen
cello: Chris Wild


conducted by Hannah Barnes


This work was composed during June 2020 amidst the tumult and conflict that this summer will undoubtedly become remembered for. I started writing this piece while quarantined in Chicago, in near total isolation, but finished the majority of the material while on the road between Chicago and Missoula, Montana.


Spending time in campgrounds and attempting to remain isolated during my travels, I fixated on the mysteries of change and conflict that unite our time to the times of generations past, and which undeniably will unite us with generations in the future. For much of my young life, I felt that nothing was happening at a great detriment to all—passively watching the world happen as if it were a film in a movie theater. Now I feel as if something is happening.

This piece is a poetic occurrence of my reflections on change, stasis, interior/exterior, autonomy/heteronomy, nostalgia, and utopia. It is not methodological nor is it particularly conceptual. It is not attempting to demonstrate anything other than itself.


I extend my sincerest gratitude to Ensemble Dal Niente and DePaul University for facilitating the creation and performance of this work.