what do i do now (self-portrait)

for two voices, ensemble, and fixed a/v

written for RenegadeEnsemble

premiere: Apr. 7, 2018 Studio Z, St. Paul, MN



voice: Alyssa Anderson, Natalia Salemmo

flute: Joshua Weinberg

clarinet: Christopher Raddatz

trumpet: Derek Thorsteinsson

horn: Will Eisenberg

piano: J.P. Douglas

percussion: Matt Clark

This piece is about the difficulty (and often failure) of presenting oneself in a coherent and total manner through an artistic practice. The material of this piece includes almost entirely biographical connection, varying in levels between clear signifiance and abstraction.

All the allusions are sincere and authentic. The form might make you question this.

I attempted a synthesis my diffuse artistic interests in this work.

Whether this worked or not is largely irrelevant.

special thanks to Stan Rothrock and Joshua Weinberg for inviting me as spring 2018 composer/curator for the group

photos by: steven garcia