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driftless, 1

for flute, bass clarinet, and cello

duration: 14 min.

The Harvest Manual

for 1/6-tone harmonium

duration: 15 min.

Exhausted Mechanisms

an album by Jack Langdon (organ) and Kelley Sheehan (modular synthesizer)

duration: 60 min.

Precision Valley

an album by Jack Langdon (organ) and Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet)

duration: 50 min.

The Generous Law

an album by Jack Langdon (organ) and Anthony Vine (electric guitar)

duration: 60 min.


Three Fanfares

an album of solo organ music recorded at Wellesley College

duration: 45 min.

Less Than You Remember

an album of solo organ music recorded in Hanover, NH

duration: 45 min.

Thetford, by UNIONBLOCK

an album by Jack Langdon (tracker organ) and Weston Olencki (electromagnetic banjos)

duration: 50 min.

williamstown nocturne

for organ and ensemble

duration: 40 min.

premiered at I/O Festival at Williams College

golden ending

for mezzo-soprano and mixed quartet

duration: 12 min.

burnt canvas

for piano trio

duration: 20 min.

interior solstice

color, HD video

duration: 120 min.


Charon guiding the weary ‘cross the Long River (or, how to care for a dying instrument)

sound, installation, performance by Weston Olencki / film and documentation by Jack Langdon

duration: 15 min.

filmed/recorded at Freedlyville Quarry in East Dorset, VT

slow returns (three lives in sound)

short story for Sound American

Issue No. 27

the eternal feeling

for flute, clarinet, percussion, violin, cello, piano, mono fixed media

duration: 22 min.

performed by Composers Conference Ensemble, conducted by Nicholas Demaison

The Departure of Time

for solo piano

duration: 45 min.

performed by Jack Yarbrough


it's all real

for two piano, two percussion

duration: 8 min.

performed by Yarn/Wire: Russell Greenberg, Laura Barger, Sae Hashimoto, Julia Den Boer


The Speculative Organ

an essay

length: 70 pages

thesis for the master of arts in digital musics from Dartmouth College

advised by Ash Fure, Cesar Alvarez, and Taylor Ho Bynum

hallucination of fleeting structures

film in three parts

duration: 48 min.

HD video, sound

featuring Weston Olencki, Henry Danaher, Taylor Ho Bynum

aided by Iyabo Kwayana, Ash Fure, Cesar Alvarez


one flowing spark

EP, self released

modular synthesizer, field recordings

recorded in East Thetford, VT



guitar book 2: unreachable windows

for tabletop guitar, fixed media, and film

duration: 21 min.

performed by Jack Langdon


a room with no door

collaborative film

duration: 26 min.

performed by Virginia Tech New Music Ensemble



for viola and stereo fixed media

duration: 10 min.

performed by Sebastian Stefanovic


something is happening

for flute, piano, electric guitar, and cello

duration: 10 min.

performed by Ensemble Dal Niente


dissolved through the fields

for tenor saxophone, cello, and accordion

duration: 7 min.

performed by Trio SÆITENWIND


endless light

for kinetic sound objects, fixed media, and live electronics

duration: 21 min.

performed by Jack Langdon, advised by Jules Gimbrone


clavier-übung 1: prelude and fugue

for solo piano and fixed media

duration: 21 min.

performed by Jonathan Hannau



for organ and stereo fixed media

duration: 26 min.

performed by Graeme Shields


here (5): a hyperdocumentation

for solo flute and fixed media

duration: 9 min.

performed and created collaboratively with Sara Constant


here (7): land images, one

for ensemble and field recordings

duration: var.

performed and assembled by Southland Ensemble

The Problem of The Surface

for double bass, piano, and stereo fixed media

duration: 13 min.

performed by Micah Stoddard and Jack Langdon


here (4): a poetics of art labor

improvised multimedia opera at MISE-EN_PLACE Bushwick

duration: 96 min.

performed and created by Jack Langdon, Cosi Pori, Gabriel Coleman, and Yoshi Weinberg



here (3): sound images of the worker, part one

for electric guitar, electric bass, organ, and fixed media

duration: 12 min.

performed by Jack Langdon, Adam Lee Sanders, and Graeme Shields


reorientation: 1

EP, self released

classical guitar and objects

performed by Jack Langdon


what do i do now (self-portrait)

for two amplified vocalists, ensemble, and fixed audio/video

duration: 17 min.

performed by RenegadeEnsemble


yeah uh hmm

for 8 performers

duration: 9 min.

performed by St. Olaf Percussion Ensemble




for two trumpets, amplified objects, and celeste

duration: 9 min.

performed by Steven Garcia, Tristan Frank, Jamie Koffler, and Jack Langdon


the end of saro

a chamber opera

duration: 48 min.

libretto by Vashti Kalvi Daniel, choreography by Harper Foote



for large wind ensemble

duration: 11 min.

performed by The St. Olaf Band, directed by Timothy Mahr




for cello, trombone, and live electronics

duration: 12 min.

performed by Willem Mudde, Adam Lee Sanders, and Jack Langdon


The Serenity Prayer

for choir

duration: 3 min.

performed by KC VITAs Chamber Choir



for string quartet

duration: 5 min.

performed by Mivos Quartet



for flute and piano

duration: 13 min.

performed by Yoshi Weinberg and Michael Betz



for organ and electronics

duration: 16 min.

performed by Jack Langdon



light within

for organ

duration: 6 min.

performed by James Bobb



eau claire

for piano trio

duration: 4 min.

performed by Claire Belisle, Sam Vigeurie, and Guanlu Guan


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