self portrait

Jack Langdon (b. 1994, Madison, WI) is a composer/performer, media artist, and writer. Jack's work utilizes instrumental performance, theater, new media, and installation in concert, site-specific, and digital contexts. This work is often conceptually concerned with reflecting on and reorganizing musical production and creating environments for deeper social engagement and reflection in performance. It often utilizes intermedia as a means to heighten contextual awarenesses of performance.

As a performer, Langdon has premiered works for organ, piano, and guitar.​ Jack's areas of focus include pieces involving long durations, sonic fragility, improvisation, and theater.

As a writer, Jack's work focuses on the political economy of music, social interaction in performance, institutional politics, aesthetics beyond capital, and expanded notions of musical practice.

Langdon is working towards their Master of Arts in Digital Musics from Dartmouth College and received a Bachelor of Music from St. Olaf College in Spring 2017.

Langdon works as a piano and composition teacher, as well as an arts administrator and organizer. Jack fights for equality and inclusivity in the various institutions they work in.

Jack is a hobbyist photographer and videographer.

Jack was a curator for Score Follower for their 2018/2019 season.

Jack's main teachers have been Katherine Young, Justin Merritt, Joan Arnau Pamies, Bethany Younge, and Timothy Mahr. Jack currently studies with Ashley Fure and Michael Casey.


Jack's works have been performed by Southland Ensemble, RenegadeEnsemble, The Minnesota Sinfonia, Joshua Weinberg, Sara Constant, Mivos Quartet, The Vital Organ Project, Vancouver Chamber Choir, and The St. Olaf Band.


Jack's work has been recognized by The McKnight Foundation, The Lynn and Mary Steen Foundation, The University of Tennessee Knoxville Contemporary Music Festival, St. Olaf College's Collaborative Undergraduate Research and Inquiry program, and the Wisconsin School Music Association, among others.