Jack Langdon is a musician, artist, and writer. Jack’s work is often gentle and detailed, with sudden portals to landscapes of contrast and dynamism. Oftentimes, their works utilize extended durations, material fragility, and non-linear development. Their work devises ways of reorganizing creative labor and production and emphasizes collective forms of listening and presence.


Jack performs on pipe organ, guitar, electronics, clarinets, tuba, and other instruments—often performing works influenced by the creative music, experimental music, new music, and free-improvisation traditions.


As a writer, Jack's work focuses on the political economy of music, sociology of performance, speculative aesthetics, and the poetics of musical machines.


Jack's compositions have been performed by Southland Ensemble, Ensemble Dal Niente, Yarn/Wire, Mivos Quartet, RenegadeEnsemble, Trio SÆITENWIND, Yoshi Weinberg, The Minnesota Sinfonia, Virginia Tech New Music Ensemble, and Vancouver Chamber Choir, among others.

Jack grew up in Keyeser, Wisconsin and currently lives in East Thetford, Vermont.

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