Recent Writing

Musical Politics Through & Beyond Aesthetics in Eli Namay's Sound Mass - April 2019 - Cacophony Magazine

Producing Musical Sociality: Towards an Installative Concert Practice - December 2018 - presented at University of Tennessee: Knoxville Contemporary Music Festival

The Problem of The Surface - May 2019 - unpublished

Event March 2019 - unpublished poetry

Writing in Progress


What Does it Mean to be a Socialist Musician? - co-written with Eli Namay

Economic Democracy for Musicians - March 2020

Articulating The Crisis - a quartet 

     I: the lost one (nocturne)

     II: the labor union

     III: the lovers

     IV: the militants

The Speculative Organ: the organ as practice, affect, and thought - Spring 2021

     masters thesis in digital musics, Dartmouth College