one flowing spark (EP)

Three recordings, reprocessing the sound of pandemic winter.

released March 5, 2021

Jack Langdon, modular sampler

Recorded in East Thetford, VT.
Mixed and mastered by Jack.

reorientation: 1

reorientation: 1 is a fifty-five minute long guitar improvisation, a reconsideration of works of mine which no longer personally resonate, an exploration of the sonic materiality of my bedroom, and a search for things which I have lost since I began playing guitar 15 years ago.


This album is the first of four, each featuring a different instrument that I have focused my practice on at various points in my life.


This recording is dedicated to my brother, Jim.

released June 16, 2018

classical guitar and objects: Jack Langdon
recorded May 11, 2018 (Chicago, IL)

additional: compositions by Jack Langdon, recorded by Minnesota Sinfonia, Vancouver Chamber Choir, James E. Bobb, The St. Olaf Band, and Jack Langdon