hallucination of fleeting structures (HD video, stereo, color)

I: waiting for direction

II: the speculative organ

III: the time of stillness

We capture the light, shapes, and energies within the studio space

We witness the distance between the desires of the mind and the sonic object

We meditate on the disconnection of the winter

We follow the portal of the screen

We dig into the guts of the organ

A ROOM WITH NO DOOR (HD film, stereo, color)

This film was created in the fall of 2020 in collaboration with the student performers of the Virginia Tech New Music Ensemble. This film was created by meeting individually with students via video conferencing, discussing their practice with their instruments, and exploring how the COVID pandemic has reoriented their relationship to their instrumental practice. Each student contributed found video material as well as video recordings of themselves improvising in isolation. I edited this footage together to create this film. Sincerest thanks to Virginia Tech, Kyle Hutchins, and VT NME for their heartfelt collaboration.

UNREACHABLE WINDOWS (HD film, silent, color)

This film was created by stitching together various poetic and visual fragments, overlaid by an improvisation between digital sensor, camera body, and detached lens.